USMLE Step 3 Question Bank

Several highyield concepts will be discussed here in Q and A format. Archer review’s  USMLE step 3 Question Bank uses most updated clinical guidelines, scoring systems and analytical approach in solving these questions. Most concepts underlying these questions are discussed in detail in  Archer USMLE Step 3 Full-Length Review.  Most of these questions will bring to you several challenging scenarios that are frequently tested on the USMLE step 3 Exam. You may post answers and your analysis under “comments” section after each question. The Questions will be posted every week and your approach to answering the question will be analyzed by Dr.Red

The Questions are copyrighted to USMLEGalaxy, LLC and are written by our chief instructing physicians. Archer USMLE reviews recently released 300 sample questions from the question bank that is currently being developed.  It is highly recommended that you practice these questions after listening to Archer Full Length Rapid Review

We figured that most people despite doing questions in some commercially available question banks still fail to answer questions on the real exam when the same concept is asked in a different way or at a different level. They fail to understand the concept thoroughly because they are not tested and challenged in the step-wise analysis of these high-yield concepts. The unique feature of this question bank is that we present several questions in different styles based on each high-yield concept to enable you to master the concept  thoroughly – so, you will see questions here which almost appear similar to another question in our question bank but a significant change occurs due to a small deviation in the presentation or wording in the question . Therefore, Archer USMLE Step 3 Theory Review will prepare you to adequately face all the twists and tricks that USMLE might incorporate when they test you on a particular high-yield concept.

For example, compare Question of the week # 387 with Question of the Week # 388 . Similarly, compare Question of the Week # 377 with Question of the Week # 376 . These questions are twisted presenting the same topic to strengthen your conceptual understanding in a challenging way! Archer Question bank is the only Qbank in the market to present these concepts in a thorough and anlaytical fashion.

Click here for Answer Key : Archer has received overwhelming requests to release the answers for our recently posted USMLE Step 3 practice questions. At this time, this question bank on the blog is free of cost. Thousands of students have felt that these questions are highly useful in their Step 3 preparation and have requested us to release a dedicated question bank with separate navigation since they find it difficult to follow the questions on the blog. Such dedicated question bank with full and detailed explanations has been released in January 2018.  For samples, please use this Answer Key for the sample USMLE Step 3 high-yield questions posted on the blog. For some of the questions on this blog, you can find free explanations under the questions.

Full explanations and over 1000 highyield USMLE Step 3 Questions are now available in our online Q-bank . You can find in-depth explanations for the concepts in the questions in Archer USMLE step 3 Theory Lectures which are currently regarded as best high-yield and standard preparatory course for USMLE Step 3. You can also interact with us and several other USMLE students on our Facebook page – here we discuss several high-yield topics almost on a daily basis.

STRATEGIC PREP for those with Previous failed Attempts: CCS strategy is what most people with prior attempts have missed. This ends up placing burden on the MCQs. Missing one CCS leads to increasing burden on you to answer extra 3 to 4 MCQs correctly per each block.

Due to difficulty index, these questions are challenging at that level and people can fail by one to 2 points when they lose 1 or 2 CCS completely.
If you are interested in getting a personalized study recommendations, please send the back portion of your score report so this can be analyzed to see where your weak areas are. For most people, it’s the CCS. We will analyze your score report areas and send you study strategy. With regard to Theory, our lectures explain the fundamentals underlying a guideline so you remember better and are able to answer diverse questions. Just merely reading out and stating the guideline like many other courses do will not work on Step 3. Step 3 needs deep understanding of simple but high-yield concepts. We focus extensively on those highyield areas explaining deep concepts. We maximize efficiency by leaving out complex areas that take up study time but add very little to your score.

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