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USMLEGalaxy is an online teaching company that has introduced unique live reviews in the form of online webinars for the first time in the USMLE market. USMLEGalaxy is operated by a group of Internal Medicine baord certified teaching physicians who have scored more than 95 percent on their USMLEs as well as Internal Medicine Board exams. USMLEGalaxy has first launched an interactive CCS workshop in June 2008 and since then, has helped thousands of students and residents to successfully pass USMLEStep3. The CCS Workshop, which is now popularly referred to as Dr.Red CCS Workshop or Archer CCS Workshop first started with 8 students in a webinar and now has expanded to reaching about 1200  step3 takers per month. Most of this success is a direct consequence of our unique teaching strategies, utmost level of care and personal attention placed on each and every attendee.

As the CCS Workshop expanded, we continued to receive number of requests from our workshop attendees to organize a rapid review course for Step3. We have been delivering Online USMLE Step3 and USMLE Step2 courses for about three years now, however, these were mainly done on one on one basis. We then launched Archer Step3 Rapid Review in a webinar format in December 2008. Introducing these lectures in webinar format paved us way to reach more people and make these reviews extremely affordable to everyone. The pass rate of our attendees on USMLE step2 and USMLE Step3 have consistently been above 90 percent. Now, we have expanded our courses to include USMLE Step1 and Step2 also.

Rapid reviews are available almost every two months. CCS Workshop for USMLE step3 is available every two weeks. Personal tutoring is available at any time of your choice from our highly efficient teaching physicians. The unique advantage of our courses is that you can enjoy classroom atmosphere while sitting in your very own living room. This minimizes your accomodation as well as your travel costs that make many live reviews on the market extremely expensive. You can interact with the instructor as well as with other students in this live webinar. You can ask questions and get them clarified instantaneously. We also plan to deliver recorded video lectures on the web but one should realize that studies have consistently shown that group effort created more success than studying on your own and listening to the lectures on your own. So, we recommend attending our live online sessions for maximum benefit. While you can ask all the questions you might have, you can also at the same time, learn from other attendee’s queries. Such video and audio inputs reinforces your learning, boosts your memory and leads you towards success in the shortest period of time!

USMLE Galaxy aims at delivering affordable and efficient reviews at your doorstep, on your desktop! Join us to experience the difference!

High-yield Archer Question bank and lectures now available at



Notice : The materials (i.e., test questions, clinical computer simulations, and standardized patient cases) of the USMLE, NBME’s self-assessment program and NBME subject examinations are copyrighted. Publishing any ‘remembered’ materials or replicas of these materials on Archer USMLE
Blog (or any other forum) is an unauthorized reproduction of NBME’s materials, constitutes copyright infringement and is strictly prohibited. Any violation of NBME ‘s copyrights and trademarks can not only lead to legal sanctions, but can also have professional consequences. Medical students and medical school graduates, prospective students, examinees of the
USMLE, NBME Self Assessment examinations and subject examinations are reminded that they are bound to the terms they agreed to follow regarding disclosure of intellectual property prior to the administration of one of these examinations. Failure to adhere to the terms of these policies
will subject an individual to various penalties.

8 Responses

  1. I would like to purchase the DVD from the last Rapid Review.How can I do that?

  2. I failed 3 times.I have q .follow up test after levothyrixine.I always free t4.Please tell me .

  3. I’m a medical student &I’m preparing for USMLE step1 but I don’t know which book I should study or how I should study for that.
    I heard sth about kaplan books but it is said that they are lecturenote so they are usless for me because I’m 3rd year student!!!!
    please help me about books & way of study

  4. I want some guidance taking step3.
    I took it a year and half ago and failed. I went through Archer step3 materials. I felt my dificiency is in the pathophysiology of step1 and step2 subjects as I took them several years ago. Now to boost my knowledge of step1 physio, pharmac and step2 patho, which books do I need to go through? before taking step3? My plan is to take step3 within 5-6 months.

    • Hi, Padma, Same situaton here, I think there is book called pathophysiology and given only pathophysiology. Ialso failed and trying in Dec.12. Did u think about Kaplan notes or premier rewview notes? For any Q & Acontact me–email majumdarp009@gmail.com

  5. Hello, I have failed Step 3 twice and I am taking it in late December. I noticed that I was having major problems with the CCS part because it’s like a mystery. If it wasn’t for your review I would have never understood my mistakes the first two times and I wouldn’t know how the system actually works. THANKS ARCHER!!!

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