Question of the Week # 66

A 69 year old woman presents to your clinic with history of pain in bilateral hands. Her symptoms started about 3 years ago but lately, have been more significant. She denies any morning stiffness or redness or swelling of the joints. On examination, there are hard growths at distal interphalangeal joints. Clinically, you make a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis. Radiographically, which of the following features is LEAST likely to be seen in Osteoarthritis :

A. Narrowing of the joint spaces in involved joints

B.  Sclerosis near the articular surface

C.  Bony erosions

D.  Osteophytes

E.  Sub-chondral cysts

8 Responses

  1. c

  2. c

  3. cccccc

  4. C

  5. Radiological finding of Osteoarthritis:
    1.Joint Space Narrowing
    2.Development of Osteophytes
    3.Subchondral Sclerosis
    4.Subchondral Cyst Formation

    ***Bony erosion hallmark of Inflammatory Arthropathies

  6. cccc ?

  7. OA is degenerative joint disease ,not inflammatory . RA , Gout n Pseudogout are inflammatory joint diseases.

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