USMLE Step 3 CCS Workshop


Interactive Live online Workshop

With our years of experience, we have learned that many of our past students lacked simple but essential strategies on CCS tasks – follow ups, interval history, moving patients,  efficient use of simulated case time and essential initial orders. These live CCS workshops are designed to strengthen your approach. These time-tested strategies as well as practice sessions have worked out wonders for our previous students. Our CCS interactive, online demonstration and practice sessions are organized on every alternate Saturday or Sunday for a very nominal price of $97. We use online live webinars to organize these workshops. You need not leave your home. You can sit at your home and participate in the workshop. The initial part of the workshop will include a live lecture and a demonstration session for 2 to 3 hours. You will then get to practice under supervision. This unique technology will give you an opportunity to work on our desktop screen so that we and all the particpants in the workshop can watch you as you practice a case. We analyze your mistakes and give you immediate feedback on what needs to be improved. You will also watch and learn as other students practice different cases. In this way, almost  12 to 20 cases are practiced during a single session. Each person will get 25 minutes to practice a case. So, depending on the number of students in the class, the duration of a typical session may vary from ten hours to twelve hours. You will be provided with some break time in between. The reason for this lengthy session is to  provide you in-depth knowledge and thorough practice so that you will never have to practice CCS again. Each web meeting is usually confined to 45 students only and slots fill up very quick. The workshop requires advance registration at least two days prior to the planned session.


CCS Workshop – Strategy and interaction with software: 2018 samples


Sample Live Interaction during the CCS Workshop – Old Samples


Each Session includes :
a. CCS Strategies – a lecture for 3 hours
b. Recognizing unstable vitals :
– Lecture on shock and respiratory failure -1 hr.
– Lecture on Criteria for admission to ward or ICU – 30 minutes
c. Live demonstration of CCS cases –  2 hours
d. Common mistakes committed by the examinees and preventing them
e. Tips to score extremely high on CCS
f. Follow-ups of office and ER cases
g. Efficient use of time, doing more stuff without advancing the clock
h. Avoiding invasive tests
i. Basic set of orders for emergency cases
j. The 5-minute screen – adding/ disconinuing the orders that can matter – do’s and don’ts
k. Obtaining consults and their appropriateness
l. Differential diagnosis for common ER and office presentations and easy tips to get the most out of few orders.
m. Working on efficiency
n. How to schedule follow up tests at a “Later” date.
o. You will then have 25 minutes live practice of one surprise CCS case online and the instructor will analyze you live and correct you immediately as you practice the case – 25 mins x 12 to 15 cases = 6 to 8 hrs.

Note : The above information is directly taken from the website If you have further questions, please visit the website.

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    • Next one is on June 27TH 2009.

  2. please send me information regarding your ccs workshop! Thank you! Sincerely, Ravi

  3. I am interested your ccs course. Is there any class in the next 2 month? or other alternatives?

  4. Hi,
    I am interested in CCS workshop. Can you meial me teh available dates.
    S. K.

  5. Plez, let me know when the next lecture is on line?

  6. Will there be any CCS workshop after 20th september as I just knew ur website on 22nd and miised that workshp.Thzs

  7. I would like to take step 3 CCS workshop in Jan 2010. Please let me know the available dates for Jan 2010

  8. I want to enroll for your course. I want to know how can you moniter my perfomence at home,

  9. I am interested in taking Dr. Red CCS workshop in April 2010 as my step3 exam is on may 15.Pl let me know the available slot &other details at the earliest

  10. I am interested in taking ccs interactive workshop in August. Exam in September. Please email me the available dates. thanks

  11. I am interested in taking ccs interactive workshop in August 2010. Exam in September. Please email me the available dates. thanks

  12. my step 3 is on 22 september. When is your next CCS webinar and for how much(price) ? I would like to participate. Please reply ASAP.

    • Next CCS Workshop is on September 19th, you may register at – 12 hours live webinaR for $97.
      Slots are extremely limited to 35 and get filled quickly. If you are unable to obtain a slot, you may access our Pay-Per-View

  13. Hi, my exam is in november. Can you please tell when are your CCS workshop in october and november. Thanks

    • Next CCS Workshop after September 19th will be in OCT 2010 i.e; will be in the last week of October

  14. Yes this sounds like i can use some tips. My test is dec 10.
    I would like the live personal instruction b/c i am computer iliterate.
    please e-mail me details

    • You may email us at . All the courses are available at

  15. Hi,I want to review again these course befor my exam when the next ccs class ? Thank you Lana

    • June 2nd, 2012. Thank you

  16. i will like to register for the next ccs workshop. may i know the date for the next one and the price as well?

    • Next CCS workshop will be on June 2nd 2012 but you can take the streaming videos which most users prefer to do. The link to this is

  17. Hi I am interested to repere CCs workshop when its going to be ? And I want to take crash life course lecture for step 3 how I can repete them? Lana

    • Next CCS workshop will be on June 2nd 2012 but you can take the streaming videos which most users prefer to do.

    • The link to this is

  18. Hi, What’s the phone # to contact you ?

  19. Hi,
    I already registered for the workshop and taking it soon.
    If I want to see it again Can I see that?


    • Typing the DIAGNOSIS in the column presented at the end of the case is not scored. This is just for completion purpose. Your diagnostic capabilities are scored based on the tests you entered to exclude differential diagnosis and to confirm the actual diagnosis

  21. please let me know when is y our next workshop. thanks

    • Dear doctor,
      It is on September 20th

  22. when is ccs live workshop next

  23. How much cost CCS workshop .thks

  24. Can you put the all orders if you now the DX. or wait result of the primary standard orders?

    • If you get an idea based on clinical picture, you may go ahead and place case specific orders as well right away. This often happens with 10 min cases and unstable cases

  25. If I buy recorded ccs video, are some videos going to be from recently recorded workshop or all video are 5 years old?

    • Videos are not 5 yrar old. These are videos with new software and new CCS cases including 2017 workshops. You can even access 2018 January CCS workshop in the package if you prefer.

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