Question of the Week # 137

Q137) A 45-year-old man presents to your office for regular health check up. Lately, he has experienced reduced libido and erectile dysfunction . Further work-up reveals no organic cause for his impotence. You offer him sildenafil however, he requests you to provide information on any natural herbal medicine that could likely help his sexual problems. Which of the following is likely to improve his erectile dysfunction?

A) Kava

B) Yohimbine

C) Ephedra

D) St.Johns Wort

E) Ginkgo biloba

6 Responses

  1. mistake yohimbe

  2. b

  3. B) Yohimbine

  4. Can physician give reliable information on herbal medicine,,cant it cost him his job !! just wondering !!!

  5. Yohimbine is a Rx drug and is a mild MOAI. It comes from a plant but does not fall into the herbal med category.

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