Question of the Week # 97

Q97) A 68 year old man with history of DM type II, Hypertension and severe osteoarthritis presents to your office with complaints of chest pain on exertion for past 3 months. He denies any pain now.  He smokes about one pack cigarettes per day. His only medications are Glyburide, Metprolol, Enalapril and Metformin. An EKG is obtained in the office and it reveals non-specific ST segment changes.  The patient is scheduled for Dipyridamole stress test .  The patient should be advised regarding which of the following:

A) Avoid Aspirin or NSAID for 24 hours prior to testing

B) Stop Metprolol 24 hours prior to tesing

C) Avoid Coffee or Caffeine for 24 hours prior to testing

D) Avoid smoking for one week prior to testing

E) Start inhaled Albuterol two days prior to testing


7 Responses

  1. C.Patients using methylxanthines (eg, caffeine, aminophylline) should not undergo dipyridamole stress testing because these substances act as competitive inhibitors of dipyridamole at the receptor level, potentially decreasing or completely attenuating the vasodilatory effect of dipyridamole. In general, patients should refrain from ingesting caffeine for at least 24 hours prior to dipyridamole administration. Patients should avoid decaffeinated products, which typically contain some caffeine, as opposed to caffeine-free products, which do not.

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