Question of the Week # 27

A 6-year-old with a fractured forearm is brought to the emergency room by her baby-sitter. Both the baby-sitter and emergency room staff have attempted to reach her parents to get their consent for treatment without success.

Most appropriate  next step:

A) Await for the parents to call back
B) Keep trying to reach the parents
C) Refer to ethics committee
D) Take a consent from patients baby sitter before treatment
E) Get an x-ray of the forearm and treat the fracture appropriately

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20 Responses

  1. b

  2. Keep Trying …B fracture forearm is not serious conditions,,

  3. D) Take a consent from patients baby sitter before treatment

  4. forearm fracture is emergency and will lead to compartment syndrome so dont waIT FOR MOTHER and treat

  5. i think its e

  6. E

  7. e

  8. B

  9. I think that the babysitter consent is not needed in this instance r/t that fact it’s an emergency …
    Does the babysitter have the authority given to her as caregiver by the parents?

  10. E. It would be best to check what kind of fracture he is having. But, if child needs emergency operative procedure, then consent should be sought after. Still, if he needs fasciotomy for arm salvation, everything can be over ruled.

  11. eee

  12. e

  13. E

  14. E) 6 Year old baby with a Fractured ## forearm comes to the E.R. Please, get an X ray and do not waste time. Parents should be notified if a major complication is developed! Caregiver consent???? lol never heard of that—

  15. ccc

  16. E

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