Archer USMLE Step 3 Review

 ARCHER USMLE Step 3 Review – An Analysis of USMLE STEP 3 Pass Rates

As you can see from above data, USMLE Step 3 passing scores for first time takers among International Medical graduates ( IMGs) is much lower than that of American Medical Graduates ( AMGs). These rates are very low for the repeaters. As such, several people get stuck with this exam taking this test again and again and waiting for the license to practice as a physician even after successfully completing their desired residency. Prior to launching USMLE online reviews, the physicians of USMLEGalaxy have tutored several such repeaters for their Step 3 achieving a 100% success rate through a targeted approach via. one on one step 3 training. With a desire to make these reviews accessible globally, our team launched unique live webinar USMLE review is 2008.

Our physicians focused on two main principles to make passing of Step 3 easy – to score maximum on the CCS component of USMLE Step 3 and to focus on highyield and highly weighted topics for the MCQ component. As such our physicians have designed a unique online interactive CCS workshop to train you on the concepts needed to excel on the CCS component and a rapid High yield live online Step 3 review that focuses on the topics that are extremely high yield and heavy weights on the Step 3 exams. Through these courses, our teaching physicians have reached about 3000 Step 3 takers in a span of 8 months. These courses have resulted in an extremely high pass rate of 97% among the e-mail responders to our surveys. Our pass rates have been greater than 95% even for the repeaters. We are proud to announce that our targetted approach, if implemented as directed, will result in a high pass rates which are very far off from the above presented average pass rates.

Access our live education right on your desktop, at your doorstep reducing your travel costs. Participate in a live review and ask questions  and interact with your experienced teaching physician like you do in a real classroom. Raise your hand in our online classroom through specific icons to let our instructor know that you have a question and get them answered in a second. Interact, talk and make study partners with other USMLE aspirants around the globe.

If you are in residency training and do not have enough time to travel hundreds of miles to attend a live review, do not fret! We are just a click away ! Reach us and we will deliver you the most successful live education right on your desktop!

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  1. how do i register for the month of march 2010-CCS workshop

  2. when do i register for march 2010 web seminar for step 3 ccs. My exam is in 3 weeks.
    thank you

  3. Hi guys,

    Interested in Step 3 Videos for my sister, who is preparing for the exam. heard they are really good. Any discount for the people who are not working, just want to know.


    my email is

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