Question of the Week # 10

•A 55 y/o man presents with shortness of breath on exertion. Laboratory studies reveal iron deficiency anemia. Patient was started on Iron pills orally. The patient consumes a lot of red meat and was surprised to know that he was iron deficient. Fecal occult blood testing revealed a positive stool guaic. A colonoscopy and EGD were subsequently performed which were absolutely normal. A repeat Guaic was performed and was found to be negative. A further investigation for the cause of iron deficiency in this patient revealed celiac disease leading to iron malabsorption. What is the most likely cause of positive Guaic in this patient? •

A. Obscure GI Bleeding

B. Celiac disease

C. False positive from red meat

D. False positive from Iron pills

E. Colon cancer

Copy rights: Archer USMLE Reviews

3 Responses

  1. I think its C. false positive from Red meat (coz the blood from the meat might be making the test +), but not sure.

    May be even obscure GI bleeding, which could be from the small intestines which are not detected by routine colonoscopy and EGD scopy.

    Colon cancer is ruled out by colonoscopy, Iron pills do not cause false positive stool guaic. celiac disease majorly causes malabsorption and not bleeding from the GI tract.

  2. false positive result with iron.

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