Question of the Week # 31

Q31) Lisa was one of your patients 2 years ago. While Lisa was in NJ she has been your regular patient for her depression. She trusts and respects you a lot. She even told you earlier that she would be very lucky if she could date a person like you at least once in her lifetime. She is a beautiful 25 year old whom any man would like at a first sight. You have lost contact with Lisa and she has not been your patient for past 2 years because she moved to Florida. She happens to meet you incidentally at a mall and requests that you go for a date with her the following weekend. Your response should be:

A) Tell her that since she no longer your patient you can get involved with her.
B) Refuse her proposal because its not ethical for you to do it
C) Tell her you could go for a dinner this weekend but you will not get sexually involved as that part is unethical
D) Tell her its not appropriate for her to make such advances towards her past physician
E) Tell her you would definitely get involved with her provided she signs a paper releasing you from any liability

Copy Rights: USMLEGalaxy ( excerpted from Archer Ethics Lectures)

2 Responses

  1. I am thinking its possibly B. as you are not supposed to date your patients (past or present).

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