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ARCHER USMLE Step 3 Reviews
Pay-Per-View System

Missed out on recent Archer live online review?
You can now access them any time during the year!

You may have wanted to attend the recent live Archer Review. But your busy schedule probably did not permit it. Archer Review receives several e-mails each month to do additional CCS Workshop sessions as well as Rapid Reviews because of these scheduling concerns. But since we have limited number of teaching physicians, at this time, we are able to do only one live CCS Workshop per month and one live three-day rapid  review in 2 months. Archer Live Rapid Review is also a very exhausting three-day ( 30 hour ) session that some attendees feel very tired at the end of each day. Archer Review realizes your concerns and hence, Archer Review is now introducing the Pay-Per-View option in which you can access the streaming videos of our live session on your desktop at your own convenience. These recordings are exactly similar to the live webinar review in that you can see the Powerpoint presentation running on your desktop screen while you also listen to the instructor’s audio. 

Pay-Per-View FAQ

What is Pay-Per-View?
Pay-Per-View system allows you to access the streaming video lectures online at your convenience and watch them at your home on your own desktop. You may purchase the full length course or topic-wise access.

Can I watch a Demo?
Yes, please contact us if you wish to watch two one hour samples.

What lectures for USMLE Step 3 do you currently offer via. Pay-Per-View?
The lectures that are currently available via. Pay-Per-View are :

  • Archer Full length ( 36 hours) USMLE Step 3 Review Course.
  • Archer USMLE 3 Topic-Wise Lectures ( Hematology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology/Acid-base/Electrolytes, Pulmonology/Ventilators, Infectious diseases, Endocrinology, Neurology, Ethics, Rheumatology/ orthopedics/ sports medicine, Oncology, Preventive medicine, Psychiatry, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Dermatology )
  • A collection of two recent CCS Workshops + CCS Strategies – Covering about 20 CCS cases + discussions + demonstration of key high-scoring CCS strategies
  • A compilation of Ten Archer CCS Workshops – Covering 60 Highveld CCS Case demonstrations and Approach total 120 hours in length – at 
  •  Lectures for USMLE Step2 CK will be available very soon.

I really want to attend your CCS Workshop but the date you have on your website does not suit my schedule. Can you provide it as Pay-Per-View?
Archer CCS Workshop is an interactive workshop for USMLE Step 3 CCS and involves live practice. PPV options are available as listed above and give you the convenience of accessing and learning at your own pace.

What are these Video Lectures? Are they similar to your live reviews?
 These streaming video lectures are the recordings of our live webinar sessions. These are exactly similar to our live review in that you can see both the Powerpoint presentation ( a capture of the instructor’s desktop screen) as well as listen to the audio in conjunction with the Powerpoint presentation. This eliminates the need for looking at a hand out or notes while listening to the lecture as you can directly see the Powerpoint running on your screen.

Are we provided with any hand-outs or lecture notes?
Yes, you will be provided with relevant Archer USMLE Step 3 notes by e-mail once you purchase the streaming video for a particular topic or for the entire review.

Is Pay-Per-View more expensive than live review?
At this time,  Pay-Per-View is cheaper than the live reviews.

What are the benefits of Pay-Per-View over the Live review?
Live review needs to be attended at a designated time. Pay-per-view can be watched at your own convenience giving you time to learn according to your own pace.
In Pay-Per-View, you can pause and listen to a particular portion again. You can also listen to the same lecture almost two times with the “watch time” that we currently provide.

What are the limitations of Pay-Per-View when compared to Live Review?
During the live review, you can directly ask questions and talk with the instructor. There is no such possibility via. Pay-Per-View. However, you may send us questions by e-mail and our instructor will try and answer them in about 3 days.

What is “Watch Time”?
Watch time is the amount time you are provided to watch the lecture. You are approximately provided with a watch time that is much greater than the length of the review. This allows to rewind and replay certain portions of the lecture if you wish. Watch time will not expire when you exit the lecture. Any unused watch time will be stored in your account and you can use it on an other day. When you resume the lecture, make sure to forward the player to the point where you left off. You can also replay the previous session as long as you have sufficient watch time in your account
For each lecture, you will be provided with the duration of the lecture and the “Watch time” when you begin.

Will the “Watch time” ever expire?
The “Watch time” will expire if unused in “one week” after subscribing to a “Topic Review”. The Watch time for the full course will expire if unused in “Two month” of purchasing a full length course. However, if you have special requirements, you can request us to extend the expiry date.

Do I need any special system requirements to play these?
These are WMV files and will play with any Windows Media Player.

How about the Internet connection requirements?
Dial-Up connections are ok but broad band connection is preferred for uninterrupted access.

Do you have Question and Answer Sessions in the review?

Yes. CCS Workshop – PPV contains interaction with several attendees and discussion of very important questions and challenges that many attendees face on USMLE Step 3. These sessions accompany every case demonstration during the CCS Workshop. Archer Full Length USMLE Theory lectures contain Q and A sessions accompanying many high yield topics. Some of these questions are freely accessible through our free blogs or

What is the impact of your courses?
Archer review focuses on key strategies that are necessary to excel on Step 3. This include excelling on the CCS component and assuring above average performance on the USMLE Step 3 MCQs. Our lectures are based on the most updated guidelines. These lectures dissect the concept and present you the most simplified approach to answer the multiple choice questions. The dissection of the concepts is similar to the way concepts are separated and well-presented in our sample question bank posted in our blogs. By listening to the lectures, you understand why certain step is the most appropriate clinical strategy and also, will learn clinical scoring systems and evidence related to the best strategy. The clinical scoring systems and the evidence-based guidelines presented in the lectures will make complex Step 3 MCQs an easier task to deal with. That is the reason, Archer has achieved > 98% success rates on the board exams among its attendees. Archer reviews’ achievements are reflected in its huge customer base of more than 10,000 physicians with in just 2 years of inception, an increasing “word-of-mouth” recommendations from highly satisfied customers and its huge presence on very highly active social media groups on Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter

You may  visit Pay-Per-View to sign up!

Thank you
Sincerely yours,
Support team,
Archer Online Reviews

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