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  1. sir, i still do not understand why routine u/a must be done on annual physical exam in a patient who has no HTN or DM or any other. You said we should do it. Do you have a reference?
    Is it a recommendation of United State Preventive task force or AAFP or any other eividence supporting the role of routine u/a in general annual physical?

    i am asking because bladder ca diagnosis would have been missed here if routine u/a was not done since patient had no other symptoms of cancer.

  2. Sir, I can not thank you enough for what your course has done to me. I got my score today and passed with a dazzling 246/99. Words can not express my gratitude because everything you said worked for me. This is you victory and I hope you will continue to help many more ppl like me. I am looking for prematch and if you can give me any tips, I would greatly appreciate it.

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