Question of the Week # 99

Q99) A  65 y/o man with presents to your office with complaints of exertional chest pain for the past 4 weeks. The chest pain is usually left sided, occurs on walking about three blocks and goes away with rest. He has developed a habit of taking rest when the chest pain comes and he did not think it needed medical attention until his friend told him yesterday that it might be a symptom of heart disease. He is concerned and requests your recommendation. He denies any chest pain now. He also reports no change in quality or intensity of his chest pain. His past medical history is significant for pacemaker insertion for a symptomatic second degree heart block,  Hypertension, and Smoking . His medications include lisinopril, atenolol and hydrochlorthiazide. Physical examination is benign.  An EKG is obtained which reveals pacemaker rhythm with secondary ST-T changes. The next best step in establishing the diagnosis in this patient is :
A) 2 D -Echocadiogram
B) Exercise Stress  Test ( Treadmill Stress Test)
C) Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram
D) Persantin Stress Test
E) Cardiac Catheterization

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