Question of the Week # 105

105) A 66 year old man presents to your office with complaints of productive cough and low grade fever for past two days. He denies any sick contacts. On physical examination, his temperature is 100F, breath sounds are reduced in left lower lobe. A chest x-ray reveals left lower lobe infiltrate. Laboratory investigations reveal WBC count of 12,ooo/µl with 80% neutrophils. Sputum gram stain and cultures are sent for. Blood cultures have been obtained and are pending.  He received a Flu vaccine about one month ago but never received a pneumococcal vaccine. The next important step in managing this patient:

A) Oral Azithromycin

B) Oral Levofloxacin

C) Admit the patient

D) Swallowing evaluation

E) PPD skin test

2 Responses

  1. b) Oral Levoflox

  2. C: age more than 60 yrs admit

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