Question of the Week #124

Q124) A 50 year old man comes for regular health checkup. His family history is significant for colon cancer in his grandfather at the age of 70 and prostate cancer in his father at age 75. His mother had breast cancer at age 65. The patient recently underwent colonoscopy which was normal. During his visit, he asks you if there are any pills or medications that he could use to prevent cancer.  Which of the following have been shown to prevent cancer in a prospective clinical trial?

A)     Vitamin D

B)      Selenium

C)      Beta Carotene

D)     Finasteride

E)      Vitamin B-complex

8 Responses

  1. C

  2. c

  3. c

  4. c- beta carotene

  5. Ans. D . Finasteride is the only drug in the list proven to reduce prostate cancer risk in men . The PCPT ( Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial) has conclusively shown that finasteride can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer.

    Beta-Carotene is a great distractor in this question as everyone must have heard a lot about it. However, it does not prevent cancer infact, increases lung cancer risk

    SELECT trial is still ongoing and has not shown any cancer prevention role of selenium in preliminary data. SELECT stands for the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial.Beta carotene is detrimental and increases lung cancer risk. Vitamin D trials so far have not shown that supplementation will reduce the cancer risk though the trials have found some association between the deficiency and cancer.

  6. But in Master the boards its written that finasteride is used for BPH ,,not prostate ca??

  7. a vitamin D

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