Question of the Week # 133

Q133] A 60 year old woman is on clopidogrel therapy and is also taking ginkgo biloba. By altering which of the following does Ginkgo potentiate the effect of clopidogrel? ?

a] Bleeding time

b] Clotting time

c] Reduction of Factor V and VII

d) Displaces clopidogrel from protein binding sites

e) Thrombin time

5 Responses

  1. A

  2. a

  3. a- bleeding time( as bleeding time measures the functioning of the platelets and clopidogrel is platelet aggregation inhibitor……so,….A)

  4. ginkgo has antiplatelet effet so it wud raise BT,its interaction has MAJOR side effects with plavix{clopidogrel},warfarin , and NSAIDS

  5. A…………is the drug of choice for the treatment of SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction

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