Question of the Week # 167

167)  A 77 year old woman is brought by her son for evaluation in your office for excessive forgetfulness.  Her son discovered that the patient has become increasingly forgetful over the last two years. She has difficulty managing her finances. She lives alone, drives her own car and prepares her own meals. As per her son, several recent new dents were noted on her mother’s car. She is dressed well and is comfortable. Visual acuity on examination is 20/40 in both eyes. She has seen her ophthalmologist recently and was prescribed corrective glasses which correct her vision to normal. She is compliant with using her glasses during driving. Rest of the physical including sensory and motor functions are grossly normal. She scores 25/30 on Mini-Mental Status examination.

The most appropriate recommendation regarding her driving at this time:

A)     Limit driving to day-time only

B)      Unrestricted driving

C)      Complete cessation of driving

D)     Referral to Driving Rehabilitation Service

E)     Start therapy for Alzheimer’s

5 Responses

  1. c

  2. C,

    Unsafe Driver

  3. b

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