Question of the Week # 194

194)  A 3 year old male child is brought to emergency room by his concerned mother because of history of fever for the past 5 days. The patient also has developed a red rash on his extremities.  On physical examination, temperature is 102F. The tongue is very inflamed and has red, enlarged papillae. Posterior pharynx is erythematous without any exudate.  There is a palpable cervical lymph node of 1.8cm on the right side of the neck. There is conjunctival erythema bilaterally. Erythema is noted on palms and soles. and skin appears to be peeling off around the nails. Laboratory investigations reveal a WBC count of 15,000/µl, platelet count of 550000 per μl and an ESR of 50mm/hr. Which of the following is the complication that is most likely to develop if this condition is not treated early in the course?

A) Toxic Shock Syndrome
B) Acute Glomerulonephritis
C) Coronary artery aneurysm
D) Carditis
E) Aortic regurgitation

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