Question of the Week # 352

352)  A 26 year old man is brought by the Emergency Medical Services because he was found on the streets of Miami and as per by-standers, was unable to recall where he came from. Upon questioning in the Emeregency Room, he denies any drug abuse or alcoholism. He reports that his name is John and he worked as a plumber. He does not remember if he had a family or what work he did.  He says he can not remember how he got to Miami and where he traveled from. A flight ticket receipt from Las-Vegas to Miami is found in his coat pocket. He has an identity card in his wallet that states his name as Steven and that he serves as a Cop in Los Angeles Police Department. He appears comfortable.  Examination shows normal vitals. There are no focal neurological deficits. An official from Los Angeles police department reports that Steven had always been a great colleague, did not have any problems in the past and he was surprised that he suddenly did not show up at work for the past two days. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

A) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

B) Dissociative Identity disorder

C) Dissociative amnesia

D) Depersonalization

E) Dissociative Fugue

7 Responses

  1. E) Dissociative Fugue

  2. this is typical dissociative fugue

  3. E

  4. e

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