Question of the Week # 428

428) A 32-year-old male boxer presents to the emergency room after sustaining an injury during a local boxing match.  He was punched by the opponent over his right ear about six hours ago . He complains of pain and swelling over his right ear. He has no hearing deficit or tinnitus or headaches or blurred vision. He denies nausea or vomiting. Past medical history is unremarkable. On examination, his vitals are stable. His right ear is red, warm and swollen with a medium sized anterior auricular swelling which is tender to palpation. There is no facial swelling. If untreated, which of the following would be most likely course of this injury?

A) Spontaneous Resolution

B) Hearing Deficit

C) Permanent ear disfigurement

D) Otitis Externa

E) Mastoiditis

7 Responses

  1. ccc

  2. C

  3. C

    • if left untreated it causes fibrosis of the ear cartilage which can be referred to as cauliflower ear.

  4. C) Permanent ear disfigurement

  5. C

  6. Cauliflower ear i had it… I used to bounce at a pub while doing my MD in scotland! lol 😉

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