USMLE Step 3 – New Format Results released 03/25 – CCS remains critical to pass.

Congratulations to everyone who passed! Results were held over the past 5 months and were just released. We just received over-whelming number of e-mails from our students reporting their scores and pass/ fail status. About 95% of our students have passed and that is very encouraging. This should allay the fears about new Step 3. New format Step 3 has increased representation of bio-statistics, epidemiology, ethics and preventive medicine/ screening guidelines. Number of students were actually quite worried about increased proportion of Bio-statistics questions but it appears like most of them have done really well on that part of the exam. Looking at some of the score reports even those who failed the exam have surprisingly done well on bio-statistics and other multiple choice questions. Failures predominantly happened again because of not placing enough emphasis on CCS preparation and scoring too low on the CCS. Improving on CCS and moving your performance graphs towards the right ( good to excellent performance) may help you pass much easily even when you do just average or slightly below-average on the MCQs. Scoring higher on CCS reduces your burden by easing off the requirement to answer more number of MCQs.

Check our prior analysis on step 3 score reports . This has not changed much on new Step 3. Please check the back portion of the score report of one of the students who failed with 184. Note how this student has failed despite doing fairly well on MCQs including the dreaded Bio-statistics ( Image below)  It goes on to prove CCS can not be neglected and you must score at least above average to do very well on step 3.

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  1. Congrats to all :). And thank you for the reminder about ccs. Appreciate it.

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