Question of the Week # 37

A 34 year old man with no significant past medical history is seen in your office for a painful blister that appeared on his lower lip yesterday. He compians of burning and itching in the area. He never had similar lesions in the past. He denies any fever or chills. Vital signs reveal a temperature of 98.4, HR 88, RR18 and BP of 120/76. On physical examination a lesion is seen on his lower lip as shown in the picture. rest of the physical examination is benign.

What is this?

The most appropriate next step in management is:

A) Oral Acyclovir

B) Re-assurance

C) Topical Penciclovir

D) Cold compresses

E) Oral Cephalosporin


3 Responses

  1. c.) Its a case of herpes labialis (HSV-1). May be treat with topical penciclovir.

  2. oral acyclovir doc

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