Question of the Week # 128

Q128]  Parents of a 2-year-old come in to discuss their child’s recent febrile seizures. The child has experienced four seizures, each associated with fever (usually from an ear infection). Each seizure lasted less than 2 minutes and was generalized tonic-clonic. The child was usually post-ictal for about 60 minutes but then returned to his normal level of mental function. The parents are concerned about the long-term significance of these seizures specifically, about any permanent brain damage and retardation. They wonder if their child should be on medication to prevent the seizures.
Which of the following is the most appropriate statement?

A) Children with a history of febrile seizures usually go on to a more complicated seizure pattern as they age.
B) Children with a history of febrile seizures typically perform less well on standardized school tests.
C) Children with febrile seizures typically are growth retarded.
D) Children with febrile seizures are at greater risk for premature death than the general public.
E) Most children who experience febrile seizures develop normally.

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  1. E

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  4. E

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