Question of the Week # 129, 130 and 131

Q129] You receive a telephone call from a worried mother. She says her 8 month old son just had a seizure lasting for 2 minutes. The description is generalized tonic-clonic. The seizure has subsided. He is feeding well and acting normally. His temperature is 103F  and RR: 28/min.  The child is not in any distress as per mother. She asks you what needs to be done. The most appropriate response :

A] “Take him immediately to the nearest ER”

B]  “This is nothing serious. You need to stay calm”

C]  “Give antipyretic to the child and monitor the temperature”

D] ” Does anyone in your family have epilepsy?”
Q 130] The patient’s mother in the above question also asks you what is the risk of her child developing a recurrent febrile seizure in future. The most appropriate response :

A] There is no such risk to your child

B] Risk is increased if his family member has a history of febrile seizure

C] He has no increased risk since he is younger than one year

D] He is at increased risk of developing intellectual impairment and neurological deficits.
Q131]  The child’s mother is still very concerned and she has further questions. She asks you, ” Doctor. I am very worried. Does this episode of seizure increase my son’s risk of developing future epilepsy?”
Most appropriate response:

A] Your child had a simple febrile seizure and  is definitely at very high risk of developing epilepsy
B] Your son will be at an increased risk of epilepsy if father has history of febrile seizures.
C] If another seizure occurs during this illness with in 24 hours then he will be at increased risk
D] He will not have increased risk of developing future epilepsy.

6 Responses

  1. C

  2. A

  3. C,B,B


  5. ABD

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