Question of the Week # 182

Q182) A 65 year old woman  presents  with a white plaque on her vulva. She has no other hypo-pigmented lesions on her body.  She reports history of repeated itching in the area for past several years. She has seen by her gynecologist in the past. Repeated evaluation did not reveal any infection or candidiasis. She says the lesion has not changed in appearance but the itching bothers her. She denies any vaginal bleeding.  Physical examination reveals a raised white colored plaque on the vulva. There are excoriations adjacent to and overlying the lesion. Most likely diagnosis:

A) Lichen Sclerosus

B) Lichen Simplex Chronicus

C) Lichen planus

D) Vulvar Cancer

E) Vitiligo

3 Responses

  1. A:) Lichen sclerosis

  2. This is a stable lesion for years and known to the Gyne . I do not know which Lichen is . I’ll try B .I am not great in Dermato

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