Question of the Week # 235

235)  A 25-year woman presents to your office with complaints of soreness in her right nipple. She had a uneventful delivery 10 days ago. She has been breast feeding for the past ten days. She had some nipple soreness initially however, it resolved after five days. The soreness returned on the eighth day and is persistent since then . The pain is present through out the nursing episode. On examination, she is afebrile. Her right breast is full. There is no erythema or tenderness. Which of the following is the most likely cause of her clinical presentation?

A) Poor positioning of infant while feeding

B) Prolonged suckling

C) Inadequate feeding

D) Infection

E)  “Normal” Nipple Sensitivity


10 Responses

  1. b

  2. B

  3. b

  4. bbb

  5. A) Poor positioning of infant while feeding

  6. A)

  7. A) Sore nipples is usu caused by poor positioning of infant while feeding

  8. A.

    You’ve got a poor latch if:
    You feel nipple pain while nursing. This means your baby is likely chewing on your nipple instead of gumming the areola. The fix: Unlatch (break the suction by putting your finger into the corner of her mouth) and try again.
    You hear clicking noises, which indicate your baby’s not latched on properly (and is likely only sucking the nipple). Again, unlatch and start over.
    Your baby is so eager to suck that she grabs onto any part of the breast (missing the mark completely) and continues to suck even if no milk is forthcoming. The result: a painful bruise on your oh-so-tender boob — and a very hungry baby. Unlatch and redirect that misguided little mouth to the nipple and areola.

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