Question of the Week # 236

236)  A 25-year woman presents to your office with complaints of soreness in her right nipple. She had a uneventful delivery 10 days ago. She has been breast feeding for the past ten days. She had some nipple soreness initially however, it resolved after five days. The soreness returned on the eighth day and is persistent since then . The pain is present through out the nursing episode. On examination, she is afebrile. Her right breast is full. There is no erythema or tenderness. Which of the following is the most appropriate recommendation to the patient?

A) Hand expression of milk between feedings

B) Use of  “Breast Pump”

C) Correction of improper “Latch on”

D) Re-assurance

E) Breast massage

11 Responses

  1. c

  2. B

  3. bbb

  4. C) Correction of improper “Latch on”

  5. reassurance and she can feed baby with the left breast

  6. C) The most frequent causes of sore nipples are incorrect positioning at the breast and suction trauma. During the first two to four days after birth, the mother’s nipples may feel tender at the beginning of a feeding as the baby’s early suckling stretches her nipple and areolar tissue far back into his mouth. If a baby is positioned well at the breast, this temporary tenderness usually diminishes once the milk lets down, and disappears completely within a day or two

  7. This is same case as Q235.

    C)Sore nipples – correction of the improper “Latch on” usually with the help of a lactation consultant will relieve symptoms

  8. For thse who chose B, pls note that ‘breast pumps’ themselves could also be the cause of a sore nipple so its wrong choice

  9. C

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