Question of the Week # 307

307) A 35 year old woman is evaluated in your office during an antenatal visit. Her last menstrual period was 8 weeks ago. She tells you that 2 weeks after she missed her regular menstrual period she checked herself with home pregnancy kit and tested positive. She works in a day-care center. She is concerned now because she received Rubella vaccination 4 weeks ago after an exposure to a sick child without knowing that she was pregnant. She read about the dangers to fetus on the internet and is very worried. Physical examination is benign.

Which of the following is the most appropriate course of action?

A. Refer her to medical termination of pregnancy
B. Tell her that there is a high established risk to fetus and she should strongly consider termination of pregnancy
C. Counsel her about theoretical risk to fetus and continue pregnancy care
D. Administer Rubella immunoglobulin
E. Reassure her that there is no risk to fetus.

6 Responses

  1. c

  2. ccc

  3. women can conceive after 21 days that is 3 weeks after Rubella vaccination,so the ans is E….i guess

  4. C

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