Question of the Week # 417

417) A 72-year-old woman with history of stage III melanoma of the right lower extremity underwent a lymph node dissection about one year ago. Her other history includes Diabetes and hypertension. She presents with complaints of increasing pain in her right lower extremity upon walking a block for past few weeks. The pain gets better with rest. There is no history of limb swelling. On examination, vitals are stable. Physical examination is unremarkable with out any swelling or tenderness in her extremities.

Which of the following is the most appropriate diagnosis?

a) Peripheral artery disease

b) Chronic Venous insufficiency

C) Lymphedema

d) Deep Vein Thrombosis

e) Phlegmasia Alba Dolens

Which of the following is indicated next?

A) Venous Doppler

B) Compression Stockings

C) Clopidogrel

D) Check blood pressure at ankle and elbow levels

E) Leg elevation

12 Responses

  1. D

  2. A Peripheral vascular disease
    D check bp @ ankle & elbow level

  3. a, d

  4. A and D

  5. A,D

  6. D.

  7. I’m sorry. A&d

  8. A) Peripheral artery disease
    D) Check blood pressure at ankle and elbow levels

  9. a and c

  10. A-peripheral arterial disease
    D-check BP at ankle & elbow level

  11. A-PAD
    D- A/B pressure gradient Then Cilostazol

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