Question of the Week # 423

423) A 14 month old male baby is brought to your office by his concerned mother for recurrent diarrhea over the past 2 months. He also developed a scaly rash around his mouth, on the cheeks and on buttocks. He has been exclusively breast-fed for about 8 months and has been started on gradual weaning process over the last four months. He is otherwise, a healthy child. There is no family history of eczema. On examination, he is afebrile and vitals are stable. Physical examination shows lesions around the ano-genital area as shown below :

Similar lesions are seen over his cheeks and around the mouth. Which of the following is indicated in this patient at this time?

A) Exclusive Breastfeeding

B) Serum Lead level

C) Serum Zinc level

D) Glucoagon level

E) Sweat Chloride Level

10 Responses

  1. C ???

  2. C) Serum Zinc level

  3. C?

  4. C.

  5. c

  6. C????

  7. this is acrodermatitis enteropathica from zinc defeciency that occurs in breast fed infants soon after weaning.presents with diarrhea and red inflammed patches around body openings mouth,anus,hand feet glossy check zinc level

  8. good question .

  9. Great question. I was able to guess the answer but not the diagosis.

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