Question of the Week # 258

258 )  A 32 year old woman is evaluated  in your office during a routine antenatal visit. She is a primigravida and is now presenting at 14 week gestation. The patient has been compliant with antenatal vitamin supplements. She reports mild early morning nausea and vomiting. On physical examination, her vitals are with in normal limits. Cardiovascular examination reveal exaggerated heart sounds ( S1 and S2) and  a new systolic ejection murmur across the lower left sternal border. An S3 gallop is present.  A grade 1 diastolic murmur is heard at the left ventricular apex that increases in the left lateral decubitus position. There is an exaggerated drop in systemic blood pressure by 16m Hg during inspiration ( Pulsus paradoxus). Which of the following physical examination findings in this patient is most likely to be pathological?

A)     New Systolic murmur

B)     Pulsus paradoxus

C)      S3 gallop

D)     Diastolic murmur

E)     Exaggerated heart sounds

6 Responses

  1. Diastolic murmer D

  2. d

  3. d

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