Question of the Week # 334

334) A 50 year old male nurse is evaluated in your office for a recently discovered lung nodule. About 1 month ago, he had whole body CT scans because he read over the internet that these can be helpful in early detection of cancer. A high resolution CT scan of chest revealed a 7 mm nodule with very smooth edges. The margins are well-defined and there is no calcification. The patient has never smoked in his life and he has no family history of cancer. He has no other risk factors for lung cancer.  He denies any night sweats, weightloss or chronic cough. His recent Tuberculin skin test was negative. Laboratory investigations including complete blood count and comprehensive metabolic panel are within normal limits.

Which of the following is the most appropriate management option?

A) Obtain a Positron Emission Tomography scan ( PET/CT scan)

B) No further follow-up

C) CT guided biopsy of the nodule

D) Follow-up CT scan at 6-12 months and then at 2 years if no change

E) Refer to Cardiothoracic surgery for Wedge Resection

9 Responses

  1. D) Follow-up CT scan at 6-12 months and then at 2 years if no change

  2. d

  3. ccccccccc because of the patient age

  4. C why not do à biopsy

  5. ddddddddddd

  6. ddddddd

  7. D-Followup CTscan at 6-12 month then at 2 year if no change.

  8. ~B.
    Very smooth edges. small nodule on high resolution CT.

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