Question of the Week # 445

445) A 45 year old african-american man presents to the emergency room with altered mental status. His past medical history is significant for skin nodules. One of the nodule was recently biopsied and it revealed non-caseating granuloma. On examination, his oral mucosae are dry.  Blood pressure is 90/60 . Skin examination  reveals multiple scattered skin nodules about 1 to 2cm in diameter. Chest X-ray reveals bilateral hilar adenopathy.   Laboratory Studies reveal

WBC 5400/µl

HGB: 11.8 gm%,

Platelets : 300k/µl

Calcium 14.2gm%

Creatinine 3.2mg%

Phosphorous 2.2mg%

He is started on agressive intravenous hydration. In addition to the above  measures, you should also proceed with  intervention directed to towards which of the following at this time ?

A) Reducing serum phosphorous

B) Reducing serum parathyroid hormone

C) Reducing Blood Calcitrol level

D) Promoting loop diuresis

E) Direct removal of calcium by Hemodialysis

Question of the Week # 255

A 16 year old woman is brought to your office by her mother for medical evaluation. Her mother has been out of country on a long business trip for 8 months and upon her return, she was shocked to notice that her daughter looked much skinnier than she was 8 months ago. The patient has lost about 30 lbs weight in the past 8 months and reports irregular menstruation. She is fearful of gaining weight and has been exercising excessively.  Physical examination reveals a very thin woman with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 16. She has fine, downy dark hair all over her body. Which of the following findings are frequently seen in association with this condition?

A)     Diarrhea

B)     Tachycardia

C)      Hyperkalemia

D)     Decreased Bone mineral density

E)     Metabolic Acidosis

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