Question of the Week # 175

Q175) A 28 Year old man is evaluated in your office during a pre-employment health check-up . His history is notable for severe hypertension for which he was started on beta blocker a year ago. He says he stopped the medication 6 months ago because it interfered with his sexual activity. On examination his blood pressure is 172/94. Cardiovascular examination revealed a systolic murmur that radiates to the back and associated with ejection click. Brachio-femoral delay in pulses is noted. The patient is agreeable to restart antihypertensive therapy. The most appropriate management option for this patient:

A)     Cardiac catheterization with Stenting

B)      Percutaneous coronary intervention

C)      Surgery

D)     Medical management of Hypertension

E)      Aortic valvulotomy

7 Responses

  1. c it is coarcation of aorta

  2. c

  3. c…is it coarctation of aorta or aortic stenosis??

  4. C

  5. C

    Coarctation of the aorta typically is associated with a systolic murmur. In 50% of the cases a bicuspid aortic valve is present

    Therapy/Treatment is conservative if asymptomatic, but may require surgical resection of the narrow segment if there is arterial hypertension.

  6. c;)

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